Legacy Queens Plate XT Side Clipped Front

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The LEGACY QUEENS PLATE XT FRONT with SIDE CLIPS was based upon our Traditional Queens XT, with all the added features packed into the Legacy Series. The hardened steel XT toe grab protrudes .080″ (2mm) above the aluminum surface for additional traction.

The SIDE CLIPS on this shoe are used to help keep the racing plate from slipping back on the hoof, reduce pressure on the hoof wall, and they also help the nails stay tightly clinched.

Our LEGACY Series is thicker, wider and stronger than traditional racing plates and the tapered sole relief is improved to help reduce sole pressures and bruising. Now with more nail holes for increased nailing options, an improved overall shape and deeper fullering to keep nail heads tight.

Available with our optional LEG SAVER pad, ULTRA LEG SAVER pad and in Sticky Shoe Kits.

The LEG SAVER bonded rim pad is made of tough, but resilient rubber which is vulcanized directly onto the sole of the shoe. LEG SAVERS are designed to help in the reduction of sole bruising and also to help alleviate pain in tender-footed horses.

This shoe is also available with our ULTRA LEG SAVER bonded rim pad. It is slightly softer than our standard LEG SAVER and is the choice of farrier Judd Fisher for California Chrome. They are available as PAIRS only and are made to order so please give us a little more time for shipping them out.

The Sticky Shoe Kit is the first and fastest 2 minute glue on system in the world! Used by several master farriers shoeing for top trainers. Great for tender footed, thin soled or use just to maintain hoof wall integrity by driving fewer nails. Proven to reduce and even stop soreness and heat in the legs and hooves after racing or training. Very economical and easy to use!

Sold By: SETS, PAIRS and 10 PAIR BOX

Manufactured By: THOROBRED INC

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 0.5 in

Yes, No, ULTRA Leg Saver


4, 5, 6, 7


Set, Pair, 10 Pair Box


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